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How To Persuade

For the past five years, I've been working tirelessly to unlock the methods used by the greatest persuaders of all time and combine their secrets with the latest advances in psychology and linguistics to create a system that can be used by anyone to get whatever they want out of life.

Here are six of my favorite principles of persuasion.

  • Persuasion creates win win solutions
    Persuasion selling and influence come from giving the other person what they want, not manipulating them into giving you wnat you want.
  • Influence is Individual
    Persuade and influence the people and events around you by adapting yourslf to their reality. It's easy to persuade, sell, and influence when you understand exactly how others see the world and give it to them.
  • People Seek to Align with Values
    Successful persuasion depends upon finding what is important to the other person and giving it to them.
  • Buying Strategies
    To persuade someone, discover their buying strategy and make your presentation match their strategy.
  • The Value Proposition
    When the perceived benefit is greater than the perceived cost, your prospect is likely to buy what you are selling.
  • Persuasion Techniques
    The masters of persuasion and influence use advanced techniques such as metaphors, yes sets, double binds, and frames to create an irresistible value proposition.
  • Creating Rapport
    Rapport comes from commonality and helps to smooth the way to the sale. Learn where rapport comes from and how to create it.