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Paul Endress

 paul endress persuasion expert

Paul Endress is an innovative expert and the author of The Everything Principle™, Persuasion  Dynamix™, and “ Seven Words That Sell Anything”, and CEO of the Persuasion Research Institute, the only organization dedicated to studying the methods used by the most successful persuaders of all time, updating them using advances in modern psychology, and applying them to the demands of modern business.

The Institute also teaches and certifies professional sales people, executives, attorneys, and marketers in the use of the methodologies and frameworks developed based upon the Institutes research.

An inspiring speaker, he has helped thousands of individuals and business executives through his seminars, speeches, and products. Paul has been quoted on the front page of USA Today, as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine and dozens of other leading business publications.

Paul is also founder of Persuasion One , the nation’s premier educational live and online events teaching business professionals how to successfully influence the people and events around them.