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Persuasive Speech

Persuasion speech and persuasive speaking uses the same techniques that other forms of persuasion use. The main difference is that there is no direct audiance interaction in the form of direct feed back to the speaker

Monroe's Motivated Sequence

Monroe's motivational sequence is a technique for organizing persuasive speeches that inspire people to take action. It was developed in the mid-1930s by Alan H. Monroe. It consists of five steps:

 persuasive speech


Get the attention of your audience using a detailed story, shocking example, dramatic statistic, quotations, etc.

Be sure to:

  • Gain the attention of listeners
  • Introduce the topic clearly
  • Show the importance of topic to this audience
persuasive speech


Show that the problem about which you are speaking exists, that it is significant, and that it won't go away by itself. Use statistics, examples, etc. Convince your audience that there is a need for action to be taken.

Be sure to:

  • Explain the need clearly in terms that they can understand
  • Make sure that the need has been demonstrated with evidence
  • Relate the need directly to the needs of the audiance
persuasive speech


You need to solve the issue. Provide specific and viable solutions that the government or communities can implement to solve the problem.

Be sure that:

  • Your plan is clearly thought out
  • Your plan is clearly explained
persuasive speech


Tell the audience what will happen if the solution is implemented or does not take place. Be visual and detailed.

Check to make sure that:

  • The plain is practical and explained in a way that the audiance will understand it
  • The benefits of the plan are related directly to the needs of the audiance

persuasive speech


Tell the audience what action they can take personally to solve the problem.

Be sure that you:

  • Call for specific action from the audiance
  • End with a strong concluding appeal

General Delivery Tips

  • Be enthusiastic about your topic
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Be conversationa
  • Be conflident even if you are nervous
  • Use good body language
  • Articulate clearly

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