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Classic TV Commercials

Here are some examples of how television has used various persuasion techniques to sell products. You can adapt and use these same techniques to sell your products and ideas.

Using "Social Proof" in Persuasion

Check out this Camel cigarette ad from 1955 and see how they use the perceived expertise of doctors to sell their cigarettes!

How can you use this same technique to validate your ideas?

Using Bonuses in Persuasion

In this Belair cigarette ad, the advertiser uses coupons to increase the perceived value of their product.

How can you do the same with your product or idea?

Effective Persuasion By Setting The Reference Point

In this ad, the makers of Boraxo hand soap show their new package with a removable label and attempt to set the standard that other products will be compared to. That is: if the label isn't removable, you shouldn't buy the product.

How can you use this concept to set the reference point that products are compared to in your marketplace?

Bonus: They use Ronald Regan as a celebrity endorser. At this time the future president was a popular actor.