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Free Persuasion Course

The free persuasion training course contains five lessons with more to come.

free persuasion training course

Overcoming objections

Most people approach this exactly the opposite of the correct way. This lesson shows how to overcome any objection and win the other person to your way of thinking.

free persuasion training course

Creating rapport

People are more likely to be persuaded by someone they like and this lesson show you how to discover, create, and use commonality to create rapport.

free persuasion training course

Using email to persuade

You can use email to effectively persuade, but it takes time and care. This lesson shows you how to read and respond to email to get the best possible outcome.

free persuasion training course

Social proof

Social proof reduces the perceived cost and increases the perceived value. Learn three types of proof and how to use them to persuade and influence people in all situations.

free persuasion training course

The personal perspective

Understanding the personal perspective allows you to see the world and persuade using the other person(s) perceptions of cost and value.

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